We are so lucky to live in God’s Own

A brief moment aboard Ataahua Bavaria Vision 42

Lots of people say that it must be amazing to be aboard our new yacht Ataahua Bavaria Vision 42 and to take her out on the Waitemata (Sparkling Water) Harbour. Well we thought we would share with you a brief video of a winters afternoon in July when we motored (sadly no wind) out to Waiheke Island. There truly is something magical about being on the water, the insanely healthy salt air and even on a winter’s day, a lovely kiwi sunshine to keep you warm.

Us kiwis so often take for granted our environment and how blessed we really are to live in ‘God’s Own’.

If you enjoy this experience and would like to come sailing on Ataahua next summer have a look at our Bay of Islands’ day sailing experiences commencing 14 January 2019.