The Bay of Islands Marina awarded top status in Asia-Pacific and New Zealand

While we have been away this winter, we are delighted to say that Ataahua’s home, the Bay of Islands Marina, has won international and national marina awards! We agree that the Bay of Islands Marina facilities are second to none and Ataahua is lucky to have secured a berth. The Bay of Islands Marina team led by Paul Stringer are fantastic and the recent recognition is totally deserved with judges stating that the Bay of Islands Marina represented “the pinnacle of the nation’s marina industry”.

The very best marina located in breathtaking Aotearoa blue waters … the perfect place for Ataahua’s exclusive sailing experiences

It’s getting warmer and first guests due soon!!

The weather is still a little damp and windy, but is definitely getting warmer. Today is the 1st of October and in less than two weeks we will welcome our first guests aboard for an exclusive Bay of Islands sailing experience.

Over winter we have been kept busy with routine maintenance. Keeping Ataahua in tip top condition is essential. We are now in the final stages with annual checks of lifejackets, fire extinguishers and other safety equipment being completed. The sails have been cleaned and stored in North Sails’ loft over winter and these will need to be hoisted on our return to Opua.

Forward bookings are nearly double the total bookings last season which is a great reflection on our growing business. There is however still space later in the season. So, if you would like to come sailing or having overseas visitors who would like to experience an onwater experience let us know.