Doesn‘t every ’beautiful’ yacht deserve to be spoilt?

Well we thought so and didn’t think we should wait until Christmas!

Well joking apart, a major part of running a commercial maritime business is of course safety. We have always focused on safety even if just for ourselves and our staff, but Ataahua obviously presents even greater challenges than being on land.

Ataahua Luxury Sailing NZ Safety Equipment

Our investment in safety equipment has been huge (to put it mildly). From the six person liferaft, the man overboard equipment (lifejackets with crotchstraps, whistles and lights), horseshoes, jonbouys, retrieval sling, to state of the art satellite rescue positioning beacon, VHF radios, Garmin integrated electronic depth, chart plotter, radar, AIS and more, fire fighting equipment including extinguishers, blankets and petrol driven fire hose … the list goes on.

Modern day lifejackets are amazing and so light and easy to wear. For the skipper and first mate, our lifejackets not only include lights and whistles as for guests, but we also have our own personal AIS (Automatic Identification System). AIS means that if one of us accidently goes over, the locator beacon will automatically be activated when the jacket inflates and a position placed on Ataahua’s chartplotter. This marker is essential when not being able to concentrate of watching the person in the water as well as turning Ataahua around and going back for the rescue. We also have spray hoods to make sure that we can stay in the water longer if necessary.

With all this safety gear onboard we feel pretty confident that we could definitely cope should disaster strike. However, our best piece of safety gear is our Coastguard training. Avoid the risks! Weather reports, being prepared, charting a proper course, take care around inflammable and combustible substances, wear lifejackets in heightened risk, clip oneself on when going on deck etc!

Our goal is that our guests only take a swim when we are anchored for lunch, that our extinguishers and fire blankets are unused for their annual inspection, that Maritime NZ never hears from us and that our liferaft stays dry and tightly packed in its canvas bag!